How Weight Loss Surgery Saved My Life

by sandi on October 26, 2010

My friend Gloria and I in my old pants. Can you believe it?


I have been fighting the fat war since I was 4 years old. I finally won the war, leaving only small skirmishes that crop up regularly. My friends tell me these little battles are what a “normal” person always deals with. 

 Just five years ago, I was 424 pounds, had arthritis in my right knee, and had trouble walking across a parking lot. My asthma forced me to stop and catch my breath several times across those parking lots. I rented a scooter to be able to take my grandkids to Disneyland. I let my husband go into the market while I waited in the truck. People looked fearfully at me when I was getting on a plane, hoping I wasn’t sitting next to them.  In March 2004 I had a hypertension crisis that got my attention. To this point, my arthritis, asthma, reflux, and sleep apnea had not yet been enough to make me take notice. 

I have succeeded at most everything I have tried in life — I have a wonderful marriage of more than 40 years to my soul mate, a great daughter, four awesome grandchildren, and a successful business I built from scratch over 20 years ago. But I could NEVER get a handle on my weight for longer than five minutes. 

On 5/28/2004, at 55 years old, I had life-changing, and life-saving, Lap-Band® surgery. Within 28 months I had lost 250 pounds. Now, more than five years after surgery, I am holding at 175 pounds and loving it. I am off all my medications and move freely and vigorously through my new life. 

 With the help of this tool and a great support team I have reached a place where it is fun to go anywhere and try new things, and I actually enjoy looking at pictures of myself (well, most of the time). 

 If you are struggling with your weight, you may find some useful information and solutions here. I have created this blog because something like it would have made a big difference to me when I was going through the decisions and the process myself. 

 As the old saying goes, information is power. If you are struggling with your weight, I want you to have the information you need to answer the questions you have so that you can make the best decision possible for you to have a richer life. 

 I hope you find this useful. I look forward to hearing from you.  

Take a look at some of our Gastric Banding Tips —  Here

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Our New Book – Is Lap Band Surgery For Me?

by sandi on October 26, 2010

Our new book is now shipping on amazon!  Read an excerpt here.

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Sleep Is One Of The Cornerstones of SuccessWe all know that after Weight Loss Surgery portion sizes, protein first, staying hydrated, fit living, taking our vitamins are all cornerstones of success that we affectionately call “The Rules”.  What if I added one more to the mix that we don’t often think of as a requirement for success?  What if that one were SLEEP?

Our busy lives have us going in multiple directions from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep.  Are YOU getting enough sleep?  I bet not.  How many hours of sleep are you getting?  Most healthy adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night.  Many of us get between 5 and 7, if we’re lucky.  My days start between 4:30am and 5am daily and end around 11PM.  That gives me around 6 hours if I fall asleep promptly at 11 and stay asleep until 5. 

Sleep Is One Of The Cornerstones of SuccessThat rarely happens… Being semi- retired I have the luxury of sitting with my tea and coffee and then leaving for the gym between 6:30 and 7:30 each morning.  Many of you don’t have that luxury – it’s up, workout, shower, get lunch(es) ready, get the kids up and ready and everyone out of the house.  Some days it’s even toss stuff in the crock pot so dinner is about done by the time you walk back in the door 9-11 or maybe 12 or more hours later.  Then it’s dinner, homework, emails, checking in with friends and relatives, prep for the next day and oh my, look at the clock.  It’s time for me to get ready for bed but I just have to sit down and relax by ___________.  (you fill in the blank)   Now the 11PM bedtime is blown, and sleep becomes even more scarce.

What happens when we continually short ourselves on the necessary rejuvenating, healing hours of sleep?  Lots of things and none of them are good.  Here are just a few of the benefits that adequate sleep provide; some you may be familiar with and some that may be new and/or eye openers for you:

  • Sleep Is One Of The Cornerstones of SuccessDuring sleep, your body rebuilds muscles you’ve worn down during the day and cleans away harmful plaques and waste that are produced in the brain.  These are vital processes that keep both your mind and body running properly
  • Your mind also processes and responds to important emotions and experiences from the day and commits them to memory during sleep
  • Lack of sleep makes it difficult for your body to regulate essential things like APPETITE CONTROL, your immune system, good metabolic function and your ability to maintain a normal body weight
  • Sleep is also essential to regulating your emotions.  In fact, being sleep deprived for just one night can increase your emotional response to negative feelings by 60%
  • Lastly, sleep plays an important role in regulating your circadian rhythm, or internal clock.  This inner clock runs on an approximately 24-hour schedule and regulates when you feel awake and sleepy.  It may also help regulate things like metabolism, immune function and inflammation

Did you get that loud and clear – sleep effects appetite control (who doesn’t crave carbs when they’re tired), good metabolic function, positive vs.  negative emotional response, metabolism, and inflammation?  ALL of these affect our weight and our weight loss.

Sleep Is One Of The Cornerstones of SuccessI learned the true importance of sleep these last few weeks.  My husband contracted pneumonia. This was scary and we had many Urgent Care, ER and doctor visits.  Until we got the fever under control I was up most of the night listening to him breathe, terrified that the infection would become more rampant.  When I did sleep I awoke at the slightest movement or noise.  I was afraid he would fall getting out of bed to use the bathroom.  Instead of visions of sugar plums I had visions of ambulances dancing in my head.  I was terrified. 

To make a long and arduous story short he is doing fine, has knocked off the pneumonia. He has been released to go back to bike riding slowly and today was his first day at the gym on a bike there – he made it 5 minutes and was done. 

What does all of this have to do with success after weight loss surgery?  Well, I allowed my emotions (the negative ones) to overtake what I knew served me best and ate carbs like crackers, cookies, etc. – right along with him.  I did this until I was actually living with reflux for 24 hours.  It kept me up at night even taking Zantac.  After a night of 2 hours sleep and constant reflux I was done.  I created every excuse in my mind and was about to call my bariatric surgeon to schedule a GI swallow and endoscopy and then thought about it for a minute.  I hadn’t been tracking the crap I had been putting in my body.  I was getting in my fitness, my water, my vitamins and my protein but was ignoring the constant hand to mouth with the other stuff.

Sleep Is One Of The Cornerstones of SuccessThat had to stop or I would be out buying new clothes because nothing fit, and THAT would be tragic as well as unacceptable.  I sat back, looked at my behaviors for the past 2 weeks and then BAM the light went off.  There are several things I could do to break this cycle so that I could sleep and go back to my typical living and eating behaviors.  The first was to clean the junk out of the house.  DONE!  The second was to stop buying the small bags of junk whenever I was in a store.  (Did you know that Loewe’s has Cheetos for sale?).  DONE!  The third was to cut off eating or drinking anything but water by 8PM.  Done.  The fourth was to eliminate all vitamins and supplements for 1 day to let my stomach rest since one that I take for my eyes always upsets my stomach for about an hour.  DONE.  The final was to go to bed when I was watching TV and finding myself drifting off.  No staying up, no getting up and getting tea, or SF hot chocolate, or a yogurt, so I could stay awake and watch whatever show I thought I needed to watch.  That’s why DVR was invented and if I have to wait for a rainy day (and that could be a long time away here in southern California) to catch up on my favorite shows so be it. 

I did all of that yesterday and found that I ate only 850 calories because I ate when I was hungry only.  I went to bed at 9:30 pm when I was starting to drift and slept until 5:20 am.  I woke up amazed as I looked at the clock and hopped out of bed with a smile on my face and started my day.  It’s been a good day too.  Day 2 of managing my sleep and emotions instead of letting them manage me.

The moral of this story is to look at your sleep habits and see if they need some housecleaning.  You’ll be amazed at what might happen.

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Holiday Appetizers Always A Hit
Holiday Appetizers Always A Hit
Holiday Appetizers Always A Hit
Holiday Appetizers Always A Hit
Holiday Appetizers Always A Hit
Holiday Appetizers Always A Hit
Holiday Appetizers Always A Hit

Today is Thanksgiving.  I wish you and yours a Happy and a Healthy Thanksgiving!  My family dinner is simple this year – roast turkey, cauliflower stuffing and baked sweet potatoes.  My daughter is making pies for the group and I will probably have a thin slice of her bourbon pecan pie because this lifestyle is not about depriving me of anything I truly want, it is about knowing how much and how often is reasonable while still maintaining my health and my weight.

That being said what can you serve as an appetizer or bring as an appetizer that is weight loss surgery friendly, inexpensive and always well received?  Deviled eggs.  There are many ways to prepare the filling, you choose the one that suits your mood:

  • First we have to boil the eggs – I do this by placing 6 eggs in a saucepan and then fill it 2/3 of the way with water.  Place it on the stove on high and let the water come to a rolling boil.  When it is boiling cover the pan and remove from the heat.  Allow it finish cooking the eggs and then cool, about an hour or so and then fill the saucepan with cold water.  remove the eggs one at a time, roll them back and forth between your hands, gently crack and peel.  They always peel easily for me when I cook them and peel them this way.  I don’t use an instapot or egg cooker, just my plain old saucepan.
  • Now you have 6 hard boiled eggs.  Slice in half lengthwise and remove the yolks to a bowl.  Place the egg whites on a plate and set aside for the moment.
  • Here comes the filling for the deviled eggs:
  1. Traditional – add some mayonnaise and a bit of mustard, salt and pepper and mix.  Spoon gently into each egg white half and top with a splash of paprika
  2. Spicy – substitute Siracha sauce for the mayonnaise and mustard
  3. Pickled – mix the yolks with pickle relish or chopped pickles
  4. Top the traditional with an olive slice, or pimento – Be courageous, use both.
  5. Fill with tuna salad and sprinkle with dill
  6. Top with a piece of smoked salmon and season with Everything But The Bagel Seasoning
  7. Mix yolk, plain Greek yogurt and ranch dressing mix and fill
  8. Mix some crumbled bacon and blue cheese crumbles with the yolk and a bit of plain Greek yogurt
  9. Make it Greek- mix the yolk with plain Greek yogurt and feta cheese – either top with a sliced olive or use chopped olives in the yolk mix
  10. Buffalo style with hot sauce, blue cheese crumbles and celery mixed with the yolks and a dab of mayonnaise

Those are just 10 quick variations of deviled eggs that are sure to please.  They are protein packed, healthy, and don’t break the budget.

Your imagination can create your own variation.  Share them with us!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!


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There are basically two ways of looking at life:

  • Looking at what you don’t have with avaricious thoughts
  • Be grateful for what you do have

I’ve lived life on both sides of this coin and work hard daily to keep myself in the head space of being grateful for what I do have.  Why?  Because it’ s easier, has me calm, smiling and looking for the next miracle in my life.  My head doesn’t hurt, my muscles aren’t tense, and I don’t look for food to stuff my negative emotions/perspective.

Much has been written on how gratitude can change your life.  I’m going to summarize a few of the articles I have read recently and then let you decide how you choose to live.

Gratitude can change your life:

  • Happiness After Weight Loss SurgeryIt can enhance your quality of life.  A study was done where one group made a daily gratitude list vs other groups who documented unpleasant experiences and a third just kept a journal with no direction.  The results of the study indicated that daily gratitude exercises resulted in higher reported levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy.  In addition, those in the gratitude group experienced less depression and stress, were more likely to help others, exercised more regularly, and made greater progress toward achieving personal goals.
  • Notice and appreciate each day’s gifts.  Find something to be grateful for.  It’s there and finding it will increase your “happiness quotient”.
  • Once you become oriented toward looking for things to be grateful for, you will find that you begin to appreciate simple pleasures and things that you previously took for granted.  Gratitude should not be just a reaction to getting what you want, but an all-the-time gratitude, the kind where you notice the little things and where you constantly look for the good even in unpleasant situations.  Today, start bringing gratitude to your experiences, instead of waiting for a positive experience in order to feel grateful; in this way, you’ll be on your way toward becoming a master of gratitude.
  • Being grateful can result in a better mood, more popularity, better resilience, more generosity, truly living the law of attraction, you will live longer
  • In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “In order to achieve contentment, one should cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously.”
  • Let gratitude be your stress buster – keep a gratitude journal; embrace the negative as well as the positive; spend time with loved ones; use social media mindfully and positively; know and acknowledge the value of little things; volunteer, pay it forward; move your body to reduce stress, clear your mind and help set yourself up to be grateful.

Here is my gratitude list for today:

  • I am grateful for my husband who supports me and loves me unconditionally
  • I am grateful for my trainer who knows just how to push me to accomplish never in my wildest dreams fitness levels
  • I am grateful for my daughter who cares about everyone
  • I am grateful for my grandkids who bring me joy watching them grow into adulthood
  • I am grateful to be able to give back to the WLS community both as a member of the board of Directors of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America and as a bariatric coach, educator and support group leader.
    Happiness After Weight Loss Surgery
  • I am grateful for sunshine and singing birds

Deep sigh.  Typing this list has brought me calm and a feeling of well being.  Try it, what’s not to like.

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Falling-Can-Be-A-Non-Scale-VictorySo here I am 13+ years post-op, maintaining, in the gym 5 days a week, living a fabulous life and what happens?  I am walking into the atrium area of the Hilton Long Beach hotel after a nice walk to Starbucks and back at about 8 PM – and I trip.  I tripped over a lamp base, fell into a chair, and then managed to crack the back of my head on a granite and metal table.  OUCH, right?  I thought I was okay, got up feeling embarrassed more than anything else, worried that I had hurt my shoulder where I bumped into the chair.  Well that was closer to my clavicle and it hurt, but appeared to be a bruise only – nothing cracked or super painful.  My hands were shaking at this point, and I was taking deep breaths to try to calm myself down.  And then I touched the back of my head.  Yes, it was bleeding, A LOT!  I started shaking some more.  Many of my friends were there because we were attending the Obesity Help National Conference and they came over to check on me.  By this time someone finally got a staff member over, asked for, and received, a makeshift ice pack and a wad of napkins to try to staunch the flow of blood.

Long story short.  I went by taxi to the hospital ER, was seen pretty quickly (I am grateful for that) and received 7 staples in my head.  Fortunately, no hair needed to be shaved and it was not very noticeable.  Except for my headache which was growing exponentially.  I was asked how the pain was and gave it a 3 because I’ve had migraines before and this didn’t approach those pain levels.  I left the hospital having received the staples in my head, 2 Tylenol, and instructions to have my doc take out the staples in 7-10 days.  I was told if I felt nauseous or dizzy or anything to head right back to the hospital.

Falling-Can-Be-A-Non-Scale-VictoryI got back to the hotel around 10-ish and went upstairs and got ready for bed since we had to set up our table at 6:30 am.  I spent time chatting with my husband by phone because he was super worried about me and once I assured him I was ok I tried to go to sleep.  It worked for about an hour at a time – had to get up and use the rest room – I guess adrenaline rushes make you pee.  By 3:30 I could not go back to sleep at all so I began my slow shower and hair washing process (to remove the blood- I had the hospital’s blessing on washing my hair and letting the water flow over the staples).  I took 2 more Tylenol, got dressed, did my make-up and dried and styled my hair.  My goal was to head to the exhibit area and be presenting from 8am – 5pm as planned.  I had more Tylenol with me if needed.

I did just that – spent the day on my feet talking about WLS Success Matters, our programs and selling our cookbook – Eat Your Way To Success And Learn How To Control Hunger.  We sold out of cookbooks by about 2PM.  It was great.  I was busy and had no time to think about the dull headache that was gripping me.  I finished the day out, packed up and headed home.

Falling-Can-Be-A-Non-Scale-VictorySo, how is falling and cracking my head open a Non-Scale Victory you ask?  Truth be told, it was not the fall itself, but rather my actions afterwards.  Had I still weighed 424 lbs my fall would have been harder, probably caused more damage, and no way would I have been able to put in a full day’s work the morning after.  It probably would have put me in bed for days.  THAT is how I have turned this entire embarrassing incident into a Non-Scale Victory – the realization that I am responsible, and have managed to turn I can’ts – into I cans.

I choose to LIVE my life, and just fyi I was in the gym Monday morning and all was ok.  I still have a dull headache almost all the time, however I don’t put myself on the disabled list for that.  I’d rather reach deep and do what I can.  I’ll see my PCP on Tuesday to remove the staples and see what she has to say about what, if anything is next.

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Planning Something Good To EatHere I am, a 13+ year Lap Band patient and yes, food is still important to me.  There are many reasons that it’s important, so I’ll cover a few for you.  Feel free to let me know if you have others:

  • Fuel For My Body
  • Fuel For My Eyes, Tastebuds
  • Provides Satiety
  • Keeps Me Healthy
  • Helps Build and Maintain Muscle
  • Helps Keep Me Young

We have to eat to stay alive, we have to eat to be healthy.  I add to the “have to’s” we have to eat delicious food.  If I don’t pay attention to assuring that I have food that makes my eyes, tongue and tummy happy I find myself craving unhealthy foods.  This need for always something delicious didn’t happen all at once.  As a matter of fact, for about the first year or so after I had Lap Band surgery I was a pretty boring eater.  I ate the same thing over and over again.  I did this because it was easy, I didn’t have to think about it or do much planning and I was a little fearful of experimenting too much and negatively effecting my weight loss.

Planning Something Good To EatSince that time I have learned that I am a foodie.  I LOVE good food, and I love the challenge of making it healthy and weight loss surgery friendly.  For several years if I missed Chinese food too much I would send hubby to get it and bring home from a small, locally owned restaurant.  I could have gone in BUT every time I ate their food I got sick, so I needed to be at home.  I either got stuck because the bite of ribs didn’t want to go down or got physically ill because there was so much oil in their stir fry, no matter how much I begged them.  Then I found the answer to the problem – the problem was me wanting Oriental food – the answer was find a recipe and alter it to meet my personal needs for calories/protein and taste profile.  I now have my own versions of some of my all time favorites – Szechuan green beans, orange chicken, shrimp fried “rice”, Beef and broccoli, egg foo young and a few others.  I control the amount of oil (which is minimal – it’s amazing how far 1 teaspoon of sesame oil can go when you finish a recipe for 4 with it, instead of saturating the recipe with tablespoons of oil).  I also don’t use rice.  I use riced cauliflower.  There are many other substitutions that are recipe specific that all give me the satisfaction of a delicious Oriental meal for less than 300 calories and loaded with protein instead of fat and carbs.

I love pizza – who doesn’t?  I make mine with either a cauliflower crust (which I buy pre-made on line) or with a meat or chicken crust…  I load it with cheeses and pizza sauce and whatever else strikes my fancy and I am a happy camper.

Planning Something Good To EatPasta?  Who needs pasta with all of it’s calories when zoodles or spaghetti squash work just as well?  This year I even bought overripe heirloom tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market and made up a huge batch of marinara sauce which I froze in portion size containers…  That may be too much for some of you, but I had a fun day roasting tomatoes and onion and garlic and can reap the rewards of my fun for several months.  I can add ground beef, ground turkey or ground chicken to it, make or buy meatballs, or buy pre-made chicken sausages of all different flavor profiles to use with the sauce and my “pasta” of choice.  A little fresh grated Parmigiana and I am a happy camper.  By the way, so is anyone else having dinner at my house.

These are just a few of my favorites that are as easy to explain as they are to cook.  Fall and winter are upon us so now come the soups and stews and chile and keeping the crock pot going and the house smelling wonderful.  This also fills my freezer with quick, on the run dinners with all of the leftovers.  I mark the date, the portion size, the calories and the protein on the label of the container or zip lock bag that I use to freeze the leftovers.

Planning Something Good To EatMy approach to breakfast and lunch is similar to dinner, with a little bit less variety.  My husband likes eggs any style for breakfast so I have taken to creating either egg “muffins” or an egg frittata (think crustless quiche) once a week and wrapping and refrigerating the results for quick, microwaved breakfasts.  Before you say leftovers gag you, try reheating covered loosely on 50 percent power for 1-2 minutes in your microwave and see if this helps.  It also helps if you don’t overcook the eggs to begin with.  My creations vary from chile relleno casserole through a Mediterranean frittata this morning – some eggs or egg substitute, a cheese, a meat, sometimes some veggies, some seasoning and voila – breakfast goodness.

I do the same thing for lunches.  I will vary what goes into my chicken or tuna, or turkey or salmon salad.  Those are the standards.  This week I am making ground turkey burgers (with spinach, feta cheese and olives) for dinner tonight and will have several left over that will act as lunches for a few days.  Then there is always turkey lunch meat and cheese for roll ups, and I have a great new find of sliced pastrami for something different for the roll ups.

I always have a few hard boiled eggs, some cheese sticks and some yogurt or cottage cheese in the refrigerator.

Planning Something Good To EatJust to give you an idea of how quick and easy this preparing stuff can be I woke up this morning, had my tea and coffee and decided it was a Mediterranean frittata and some turkey burgers for today’s prep work.  From the moment I put my empty coffee cup into the sink, until I was washing the last utensil from prepping the egg dish, cooking it and putting the 6 turkey burgers ready to hit the grill later into the refrigerator 45 minutes had gone by.  I can find that time once, or maybe twice a week to make sure that I have healthy weight loss surgery and family friendly meals on hand.

I’m certainly worth it, and so are YOU.  If you need some ideas, would like some quick, easy recipes with your portions, calories and protein already worked out for you I recommend a copy of the cookbook I co-authored:  EAT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS AND LEARN HOW TO CONTROL HUNGER.  You can get your copy at – click here for more info

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Fitness Is A Way Of LifeAs I worked out with my trainer this morning I realized just HOW important fitness is to me and WHY.  After weight loss surgery, as the weight came off I was excited to shop for new clothes and try doing physical things, like walking around the block, or the down to the beach through the sand.  These were things I hadn’t done in years and they felt great.

As more weight came off I realized just how out of shape my body was, and knew if I wanted to be able to make that around the block a short hike, or that down to the beach through the sand a long stroll on the beach I would have to work harder.

Fitness Is A Way Of LifeI did work harder and little by little I improved over time.  The clock was running then.  Not only was I losing weight and building my stamina a little, I was getting older.  Here I sit today, chronologically 69 years old and in much better physical condition than I was 13 years ago.  I not only weigh much less, I also have muscles to support my frame.  I did this by taking that first walk, then taking that first swim, then making the little daily changes that helped make positive body changes. 

Today was a significant day in the gym for me.  I worked with my trainer on my back and shoulders, with varying weights, varying exercises and varying numbers of repetitions.  This was hard work, but I enjoy it and live the benefits of it so I push hard.  The part I didn’t realize until I had completed the last set was that between each of the shoulder and back exercises I was taking a bar that weighed 30 pounds and doing 10 bicep curls with it.  Well, I did a lot of different exercises and at the end of my hour I had done 60 bicep curls between all of my other work.  My hands were shaking as I completed #60, my arms were exhausted.  I DID IT!! 

Fitness Is A Way Of LifeWho would have thought that I would even want to do this 13 years ago.  I continue 5 days a week at the gym because I can, it feels good, it allows me to continue living an active life outside of the gym, enjoying hiking and biking and swimming and fishing and traveling as I work to keep that “REAL AGE” clock at a number lower than my chronological age.

I was given the gift of a second chance at life and I plan to enjoy every moment of it.


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Time To Drink As I continue this amazing journey to health and wellbeing that I began in 2004 I find that when I forget who I am, a weight loss surgery patient, some of the success habits can get left out of my days.  Funny thing about The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients, they are pretty much the success habits for healthy living, weight loss surgery, or not.

It’s 4PM, I just had a protein snack about 30 minutes ago and I am feeling hungry.  Hmmm, this doesn’t make sense to me.  Why am I hungry?  So I review what I have had for food today and find that I am right on track for a good day food wise – 333 calories and 39 grams of protein so far.  Wait a second, that’s kind of low, but I’m not sure I’m actually still hungry.

Time To Drink So what’s next?  I check my water.  My goal is to drink at least 80 ounces of water today.  So far I have had 56 ounces.  Hmmmm, maybe I’m thirsty?  Out comes my bottle and I am sipping on it as I type this.  It feels almost right, but not quite there.  Why do I drink so much water you ask?  The docs tell us to drink 64 ounces so one more glass would get me there, right?  Yes, 1 more glass would get me to 64 ounces but my body craves more.  Here are the benefits of drinking more water for me, you decide for yourself:

  • Less hunger – this is a big one.  When I think I am hungry I can grab a bottle of water, sip away and then check in with myself in 15 minutes to see if I’m still hungry – many times I am not;
  • Time To Drink More regular – high protein can exacerbate constipation issues; water is one major cure;
  • I do not get super sore after pushing hard at lifting weights and doing other exercises with my trainer – no more of those same day “I can’t moves”.  Water moves toxins out of the body and when I am properly hydrated I get little pain with ample muscle gain;
  • Water keeps me happy without headaches, fatigue and lack of focus… even just a little bit of dehydration can have these symptoms, so try drinking some water before you reach for the Tylenol;
  • Water helps my kidneys function properly so my liver can burn any stored fat.  My kidneys can’t work properly without sufficient water and that then loads the liver with the job of filtering the waste out of my body (and yours).  When that is happening the liver can not do it’s job of metabolizing stored fat and turning it to useable energy, hence less weight loss and possibly more fat cells in my body;
  • Water can positively effect my mood, since not enough can put me in a bad mood (makes sense- things are not working at any sort of optimum level when my body is needing water so why not give it what it needs;
  • Water improves my skin – I’m 69 I need all the help I can get

These are just some of the ways that water benefits my body.  Guess what?  It benefits your body the same ways.

Time To Drink Now that I have finished writing this, and prepping dinner and checking Facebook I have finished another 33.8 ounces and my water consumption is now at 89.8 ounces for the day.  Am I still hungry?  Yes, but dinner is not for more than 2 hours so I am going to have a hard boiled egg with some salsa for a snack.

Just keep sipping folks.  Water is life.

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Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery – Sugar TRULY Is Evil, The Saga Continues

September 27, 2017

As I move through my 14th year after weight loss surgery, Lap Band Surgery to be specific, I continue to learn that sugar is NOT my friend.  And yet I am still taken in by the smells, the tastes, the ease with which I can swallow and digest it no matter how many times I […]

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Living My Life Out Loud – Long Term Success After Lap Band Surgery

September 20, 2017

; As many of you already know I turned 69 years young last week.  I was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate my birthday on the Island of Kauai with my husband of 49+ years.  I wake up 2 hours before him, even in Hawaii on vacation.  He knows this so my birthday card […]

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Packing My Suitcase Then And Now – Long Term Success After Lap Band Surgery

September 6, 2017

I am currently getting ready to leave on a vacation to celebrate my 69th birthday, and as I reflect on previous vacations and the horror around packing I am once again thrilled with my life as it is today, vs as it was prior to weight loss surgery. I am dreaming of getting showered and […]

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One Of The Keys To Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery – Make Time For YOU Every Day

August 30, 2017

We all lead busy lives.  Whether we are in school, working, or both.  Whether we have significant others who require our time, kids, moms and dads and other relatives.  Bosses who are less than understanding.  There ALWAYS seems to be a reason to put ourselves, our needs and our priorities at the end of that […]

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The Best Laid Plans Often Go Awry, Or How I Get Back On Course After A Wrong Turn – Long Term Success After WLS

August 23, 2017

Here I am over 13 years post-op, a bariatric coach and educator for others and once again, life happened and even with my meal plan in place sugary and salty carbs won.  My excuse is that I had a couple of bad nights…  REALLY bad nights.  THIS IS AN EXCUSE, not a reason.  While my […]

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How I Streamline Meal Planning And Prep To Keep my Success After Weight Loss Surgery

August 16, 2017

Most of you know I had Lap Band Surgery in 2004.  I lost 270 pounds and am maintaining that loss.  Did the Lap Band – or any weight loss surgery for that matter, do it for me?  NO… As you all know, we have to do the work as well.  I admit it – I […]

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Is It Really Hunger OR Am I Tired?

August 9, 2017

Here it is, a few years later and I find myself hungry today.  I stop, apply HALTS and realize I am tired.  I had a bad night of insomnia last night.  Good thing I am following a Kick Start eating plan this week – super low carbs, lots of firm protein, and low carb veggies.  […]

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A Positive Attitude Is What Has Brought Me This Far in My Successful Lap Band Journey

August 2, 2017

I was thinking about what I was going to share with you all today and my head went to the place of “I can’t come up with anything new”.  While that may be true, when I look at what I have done to lose my weight, regain my health and life, and be an active […]

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Going That Extra Mile for Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery

July 26, 2017

“At 211 degrees water is hot.  At 212 degrees it boils.  And with boiling water comes steam, and with steam you can power a train.” Sam Parker Putting forth that extra effort, being persistent in the continual application of “steam” (extra effort) to whatever we undertake will get us extraordinary results.  Extraordinary results begin with […]

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Daily Action Plans For Long Term Success After Lap Band Surgery

July 19, 2017

Been thinking about Daily Action Plans today and I went into a detail of what my days will look like this week to achieve my goal for the week which is to lose about 2 lbs.  As I wrote my plan for my meals (all delicious by the way) and my fitness and my water […]

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