Complacency Is A Buzz Kill For Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery

by sandi on December 28, 2016

Complacency Is A Buzz Kill For Long Term Success After Weight Loss SurgeryHere I sit.  It’s December 28th, 2016 and time to look back on my year and see what I have achieved towards my personal goals related to weight loss surgery and what I choose to set as goals for 2017.  You may think – wow, she’s over 12 years out since surgery.  Why does she need to review weight loss surgery goals?  My answer is that in order to maintain my weight loss and the level of health and fitness that I have achieved I need to stay aware of who I am, what I am doing and what I could be doing better.  It’s about choices and changes and creating my best life.

So what have I done that I am proud of?  Here goes:

  • Complacency Is A Buzz Kill For Long Term Success After Weight Loss SurgeryMy fitness is spot on.  I missed only 2 appointments with myself all year ( I have 5 appointments per week) and that was me listening to my body and an early morning appointment;
  • For the first 11 months of the year my food choices were those that benefitted my health;
  • I wore a two piece bathing suit all week in Mexico and felt comfortable in my skin;
  • I spoke on panels at two WLS events
  • I met my goal of completing a 5k on the elliptical and I continue to improve my time and distance in the 45 minutes 2 x weekly that elliptical cardio is part of my routine
  • I have healed a rotator cuff injury while staying active
  • I have co-authored a cookbook of delicious weight loss surgery friendly meals
  • I have shared my journey daily on Facebook as my way of paying it forward
  • There is so much more.

What can I do more of or better in 2017?  Here goes:

  • Complacency Is A Buzz Kill For Long Term Success After Weight Loss SurgeryGet the cookbook published and out to the public;
  • Pay it forward to even more people worldwide by engaging them in caring for themselves through continued education, coaching and support.
  • Meet my goal of doing Tree in yoga for 1 minute on each foot.  Balance is the key to staying young in mind and body.
  • Complete 4 workshops at bariatric practices around the country.  There is one scheduled for Feb 25th in Fort Worth Texas.
  • Not use sugar and processed carbs to feed emotional hunger when things aren’t going my way.  Begin right now, today, by acknowledging when the situation comes up and going for a walk or going to bed or making a phone call instead. 
  • Get back to my lowest weight of 154 lbs which will happen as I follow the previous “do better”.  I felt great at that weight, was sleeping better, had less physical exhaustion, and was able to keep my emotional hunger out of the equation.  My jeans are tight and I don’t like that, and only I can resolve that issue.  (The last month has been filled with holiday and medical news, both simple excuses for eating crap)
  • Reduce the stress in my life to improve my sleep, mental attitude, food choices.  Step one is letting go of things that I can’t control and making choices that benefit my health in the areas that I can control – food and fitness especially.
  • Continue to hike and snorkel and dive and bicycle ride wherever and whenever I can and create the opportunities to make active vacations happen.
  • Allow myself to feel – if I am sad I can cry, if I am angry I can rail at the Universe and then move past it and continue in all of the areas above.
  • Seek the guidance of people I trust to get through problem areas beginning with my husband, my best friend, my biggest supporter and my soul mate. 

Complacency Is A Buzz Kill For Long Term Success After Weight Loss SurgeryLife has its ups and downs.  Our journeys through life, whether it be health, job, bariatric surgery related, relationship related all have ups and downs too.  Roll with the punches, turn the downs into ups, and keep it as high as possible.  Don’t forget you are a Weight Loss Surgery patient first and foremost and this requires you to make choices like a weight loss surgery patient to maintain your success.  When you let those choices go with a “what the heck” this can’t hurt me attitude you will find your jeans tight and your body not feeling its best.

I choose to live my best life in 2017.  Join me!

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Shirley Whittington January 30, 2017 at 7:55 pm

Hi Sandi.

I had surgery in 2015 and was doing well until we went overseas for 8 weekw and rhe band was emptied and I put on 8 kilos on 8 weeks.

I came back and had more put in over a month until I am at what was thought as correct fill.

I am struggling. I dont know what I should be able to eat. Though Ive discovered tough lamb and tough beef or dry fish arent going to go down. There are so many things Im getting stuck on. Got absolutely depressed a out it and have been eating jubes, just stuffing them down. Life is a bit full on at the moment plus I have long term chronic pain (Fibromyalgia) so although I do my exercises on the floor and walk, I am never going to be doing cardio.

I came here today and was helped by what you said about sugar! Thats what happens to me but I guess I hadnt recognised it.Thank you. Rcipes, that would be great. Best wishes, Shirley (Melbourne, Australia)

sandi May 9, 2017 at 5:45 pm

Hi Shirley:
I hope you have gone back to see your doctor since you wrote this. Getting sugar out of your daily foodplan will help you. I have published a cookbook that you may want to check out on called “Eat Your Way to Success And Learn How to Control Hunger”…lots of delicious band friendly recipes.

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