Do You Have A Plan B In Place For One of Those Days – Long Term Success After Lap Band Surgery

by sandi on January 23, 2018

I am almost 14 years post op, 250 plus pounds down and 8 months shy of my 70th birthday.  What has kept me going more times than I can count on my fingers is implementing my PLAN B.  So what the heck am I talking about?

Do You Have A Plan B In Place Take today for example.  I got up, had my tea and coffee and headed to the gym all ready to hop in the pool and swim for at least 30 minutes.  That’s what I had scheduled.  I left my house, got to the gym, walked inside and in large letters was a sign “THE POOL IS CLOSED”.  I immediately had a few choices:

  • I could have a long conversation with the ladies at the front desk and find out what was wrong, when it would be fixed and when they thought the pool would be reopened.  This would have just been procrastination because they don’t know at the front desk until it is actually fixed;
  • Do You Have A Plan B In Place I could have gone out to my car, grabbed my sneakers and hopped on a treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes and got my fitness done for the day.  That would have been great, except I didn’t have sneakers in my car…..note to self, put a spare pair and some socks in the car;
  • I could have turned around, got in my car and drove the five minutes home and told myself I would do something later.  Well, for me, later will rarely come so this is just an excuse to blow off fitness, and it was Monday, and I #nevermissamonday so this wasn’t happening;
  • Do You Have A Plan B In Place I could and did choose my final alternative which was to get in my car and drive the 20 minutes to the other gym with the pool, knowing I would be later than planned, probably having to share a lane with someone, but I would get my fitness done and get my week started right. 

The upside of this Monday morning change in plans was that I got to see and chat with folks I haven’t seen in a while, one of them shared fresh lemons and oranges from his trees, and I got my fitness done – I swam laps for 45 minutes. 

The very BEST part of implementing my PLAN B – I feel great physically because I got my fitness in and mentally because I overcame an obstacle that put itself in my path with ease – WINNING!

Do You Have A Plan B In Place My Plan B’s for the rest of my healthy lifestyle habits include keeping a couple of liters of water and some jerky and a protein bar in my car and keeping a protein bar in my purse and a bottle of water in my hand everywhere I go.

What’s your PLAN B?

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