Finding My New Journey To Lap Band Success

by sandi on December 24, 2014

Weight Loss Surgery Post Op AppointmentWoke up today excited to visit my doctor for my first appointment with him post op.  Sure he checked me out before he released me from the hospital, but I am not good at discussion when under the influence of narcotics.  Ha! 

Then I thought I have to ask him why I am not losing faster when I am working out, drinking water, eating less than 900 calories a day, and still getting 75+ grams of protein.  I started to get upset about how long this process of losing weight is taking.  I want to be back at my lowest recorded weight since my first surgery in 2004 before the end of 2014.  That’s my goal and I’m sticking to it.

A cup of good hot teaI had a cup of tea as I worked those thoughts around in my mind; allowing the upset to grow and then having a light bulb suddenly go off in my head.  DUH!  I was expecting my weight loss to parallel my initial weight loss in 2004.  I started that process at 424 pounds, and fortunately started this one at 225 pounds less than that.  Why would I lose at the same rate?  I was eating many more calories of poorly chosen food in 2004, and now in 2014 my weight gain was due to a little over a year of not having a working lap band, and definitely some poor choices along the way.  That year did not have the food consumption, nor the lack of movement, that the years prior to 2004 had offered.  A really bad day was probably 2000 calories not 5000+.  Also, during that year I still worked out regularly and was eating healthy foods in reasonable portions, most of the time.  The reason that I knew I wanted to replace my band was, I wanted not to struggle every day with my physical hunger.

My surgery on 11/17/14 solved the physical hunger part.  Now with small portions of well chosen protein based foods I am satisfied for 3-4 hours.  I am back to working out, and I am losing the poundage I put on from 2013-2014.  So why have I allowed myself to get caught up emotionally in that dangerous game called comparing my journeys?  Could it be because I am still my own worst critic?  You bet. 

Your JourneyToday I vow to change the story being told in my head.  I am losing between 2 and 3 pounds per week, and my first goal is within reach.  It is more than enough!  My physical satiety is back and I am grateful for my Weight Loss Surgery Tool.  I am following “the program”, and I know I will succeed.  The two things that I am encouraging myself to do today is to STOP comparing my journey to anyone else’s, including my own 10 year old journey, and to trust myself and the process.

Here’s to reaching all of your personal goals in 2015.

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