Fitness Is A Way Of Life For Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery

by sandi on October 11, 2017

Fitness Is A Way Of LifeAs I worked out with my trainer this morning I realized just HOW important fitness is to me and WHY.  After weight loss surgery, as the weight came off I was excited to shop for new clothes and try doing physical things, like walking around the block, or the down to the beach through the sand.  These were things I hadn’t done in years and they felt great.

As more weight came off I realized just how out of shape my body was, and knew if I wanted to be able to make that around the block a short hike, or that down to the beach through the sand a long stroll on the beach I would have to work harder.

Fitness Is A Way Of LifeI did work harder and little by little I improved over time.  The clock was running then.  Not only was I losing weight and building my stamina a little, I was getting older.  Here I sit today, chronologically 69 years old and in much better physical condition than I was 13 years ago.  I not only weigh much less, I also have muscles to support my frame.  I did this by taking that first walk, then taking that first swim, then making the little daily changes that helped make positive body changes. 

Today was a significant day in the gym for me.  I worked with my trainer on my back and shoulders, with varying weights, varying exercises and varying numbers of repetitions.  This was hard work, but I enjoy it and live the benefits of it so I push hard.  The part I didn’t realize until I had completed the last set was that between each of the shoulder and back exercises I was taking a bar that weighed 30 pounds and doing 10 bicep curls with it.  Well, I did a lot of different exercises and at the end of my hour I had done 60 bicep curls between all of my other work.  My hands were shaking as I completed #60, my arms were exhausted.  I DID IT!! 

Fitness Is A Way Of LifeWho would have thought that I would even want to do this 13 years ago.  I continue 5 days a week at the gym because I can, it feels good, it allows me to continue living an active life outside of the gym, enjoying hiking and biking and swimming and fishing and traveling as I work to keep that “REAL AGE” clock at a number lower than my chronological age.

I was given the gift of a second chance at life and I plan to enjoy every moment of it.


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