Going Back To Basics To Maintain Long Term Success

by sandi on January 31, 2018

Going Back To Basics Here we are at the beginning of February.  I have had people over and gone out multiple times per week since Thanksgiving.  I started to feel that tummy bloat, the waistband on my jeans were getting snug, and I felt a bit like a sloth.

First, I put it all off to winter and then I realized that I was just kidding myself.  I live in southern California and yes, it may be 35 degrees when I go to the gym some mornings, but it also reaches 75 degrees on many days.  Yes, the days are short, but the sun is strong.

Going Back To Basics I needed to take accountability and remind myself that it was about my choices – what I put on my plate and then into my mouth.  Were my portions getting a little too big?  Had a had too many “little pieces” of the cornbread I made to go with the family’s split pea soup and chili?  Was I consuming too much popcorn at the movies?  Did I have not 1 glass of wine on the weekends but one each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or was it two?  Well, YES and those are the reasons I felt bloated and sluggish.

Going Back To Basics What did I do about it?  I went right back to what I need to do 99.9% of the time as a long term WLS patient and that was to log everything that went into my mouth.  I planned my days around high protein and low carbohydrate foods that I loved.  I never starved myself, as a matter of fact I ate 4-5 times a day.  I paid attention to myself- I was mindful- while I was eating and stopped when I was full.  I increased my water which had slacked off a bit due to those 35 degree mornings.

I am 69 years young, and anyone who says it’s hard to lose weight when you get “old” doesn’t know me well.  In one week I shed 7 pounds and I am continuing to lose.

The moral of the story is to keep winning set the parameters you want to live within for calories/protein/carbs/water and fitness.  Make a plan and follow it.

And write it all down!

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Christine Wright February 2, 2018 at 4:38 am

Please help…..I have regained about 60 pounds. Had lap band in 2009. Something’s wrong, I am starving all the time. I’m 71, wondering if my old mind doesn’t know how to focus anymore…
Christine, please send me an email or find me on Facebook – I have a free telephone support group call Saturday morning, Feb 3rd at 8am Pacific time- Call in… here’s the number 641-715-3605 then dial 504739# and you’ll be connected. all are welcome. You CAN lose that regain!

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