Hippity Hop, Every Store Looks Like A Candy Shop – How I Beat The Easter Bunny After Lap Band Surgery

by sandi on April 1, 2015

I went into my local CVS Drugstore as I left the gym today to purchase an 8 x 10 frame because it was in the same shopping plaza as my gym.  Easy, convenient, no extra time or gas (It’s currently over $3.00 a gallon again in CA).  It’s a store I don’t frequent often so I had to do a complete scan of the aisles to find what I was looking for.

Hippity Hop - Candy Shop - After Lap Band Surgery

Hippity Hop - Candy Shop - After Lap Band Surgery
Hippity Hop - Candy Shop - After Lap Band Surgery
Hippity Hop - Candy Shop - After Lap Band Surgery
Hippity Hop - Candy Shop - After Lap Band Surgery

Holy Chocolate Bunny Batman!  There were huge Easter baskets filled with candy of all sorts, rows and rows of Peeps – the totally useless, and horrible tasting, marshmallowy things, aisles for gourmet chocolates, aisles just for chocolate bunnies, aisles just for chocolate eggs, rows and rows of at least a dozen different varieties of jelly beans, and giant displays as I walked into the store.

I wandered up and down the aisles (there were 6 full aisles in a large store dedicated to just Easter Candy, another two to the baskets, filling, plastic eggs, and other nonsense.  And if that wasn’t enough, at the check stand there was a tub full of mixed Easter treats in a small size — so you could eat just one.  They almost got me.  I was thinking hmmm what ONE item could I get each of my grandkids, and then just one Cadbury egg for me, and one for my husband…and then, and then…

Then I rethought and said, they are teenagers and do not need this garbage any longer, and I am NOT going to encourage poor eating habits.  There is no need for me to fall prey to CVS’ genius marketing displays.  Isn’t that part of how I wound up at 424 pounds, and needing weight loss surgery..

I made a decision as I wandered the aisles, shooting the pictures you see here.  That decision was — I will make dinner on Sunday, let them choose the meal, and the “sweetest” thing on the menu might be baked or mashed sweet potatoes.

No chocolate for me, no licorice jelly beans for me (my favorite), and they truly don’t need them any more either.  I’d rather give them an iTunes gift card.

Music might get them up and dancing.

Are YOU letting the Easter bunny Marketing Mavens Feed You?

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