It’s The Non-Scale Victories That Keep Me Motivated After WLS Surgery

by sandi on May 10, 2017

Non-Scale Victories Keep Me Motivated I am often asked how I keep doing it after almost 13 years… how do I stay motivated, inspired, and on point?  First of all I have to admit I am NOT perfect.  I have never been, nor do I ever expect to be PERFECT…..  To me perfect means flawless, without fault, quintessential, best, ultimate.  I am the best me that I can be each day; however that is not flawless by any means

When I blog, when I post on Facebook, when I share in a support group I am doing it as much for me as to pay it forward to anyone who can takeaway something valuable to help them on their journey to health.  That’s how it all began.  I began blogging my thoughts, feelings, learnings after my surgery in 2004.  I am still doing all of that.

Non-Scale Victories Keep Me Motivated One of the major things I had to learn on this journey was how to love and care for myself.  Loving and taking care of me was a new behavior.  I had to practice it, and am still practicing it every single day.  My thighs are big.  They will always be big.  I had to learn this, acknowledge it, decide that it was just fine and dandy, and be okay with it.  I had to learn to love my thighs.  Silly, isn’t it?  Not really if you think about the reality of me looking in the mirror, seeing my thighs, telling myself they were too big and then choosing to live the day based on my too big thighs…What a downer!!!

Non-Scale Victories Keep Me Motivated Now if I learn to love my thighs because they support me and help me stay active and allow me to move in this world, and I look in the mirror and see Sandi – the entire person, not her “big thighs” I am sure to have a better day.

Learning to love ourselves – acknowledge our progress, our successes, and accept who we are in this Universe as enough is a new behavior for many of us.  It takes practice.  Keep practicing!

Non-Scale Victories Keep Me Motivated I suggest that every day you look deep and find something that is a victory in your life that is not a number on the scale.  Were you able to hang on the treadmill for 1 more minute, did you fit in all the rides at the amusement park, was there space between your thighs with your jeans on, did you ride a bicycle for the first time since you were a kid, did you do 2 pushups, did you shop in the regular sizes, did you receive a compliment from someone you haven’t seen in a while?  Whatever it is, find something whether big or small to acknowledge yourself for each day and smile.  You earned the smile and the victory.  You are worthy of self-love.  Be proud of your accomplishments.

I remember the first time I stepped into the pool and swam one length of the pool.  One part of me was mortified because I was out in the public eye in a bathing suit, and the rest of me was jumping up and down laughing like a child screaming “You did it, You Did IT!!!!” Ever felt that way?  That good part was what brought me back to the pool day after day.

Non-Scale Victories Keep Me Motivated My victory, my success for today was holding a wall squat for 2 minutes (without crying).

Are you ready to share your progress and success with me?  I hope so.


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