Lap Band Success – Planning For A Trip To Disneyland

by sandi on October 27, 2010

Sandi before Weight Loss Surgery 
Getting Around The Park Was No Fun
At This Size.

My grandkids have their fall semester break this week and I have been promising to take them to Disneyland for the last few years.  The youngest, my eight year old granddaughter, has never been there, and her twelve year old brother and sixteen year old sister were last there when my grandson was four and I weighed over 400 pounds. 

It has been a long time since anyone has been to Disneyland.  My husband and I finally bit the bullet and the trip is planned for two nights and three days this week.  Once I secured our rooms and purchased our park hopper tickets I started thinking about restaurants, food, food choices for the kids and food choices for my lap band, meals with the characters, and my head started spinning for two reasons.  One, the cost of everything in Anaheim is prohibitive, and if I remember correctly, the food choices can be pretty limited. I suddenly realized that going to an amusement park for a few days was no different than any other traveling.  I needed a plan, one that would keep me on track as well as keep costs from getting too far out of control. 

First things first.  Our rooms have a refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave oven so that made breakfast easy.  We would bring an ice chest and I could carry my prepared Greek yogurt, blueberries and almonds as well as pick up prepared carnation instant breakfast drinks and lean pockets breakfasts for the kids.  My husband, daughter and sixteen year old like Jimmy Dean d’Lights which will microwave just fine.  Breakfast in the room with high protein items will give us all a great start to the day. 

Then I can load up our backpacks with bottled water, jerky, crackers, cheese sticks and small apples as well as some individual packets of dry roasted almonds and dried fruit.  No crabby kids in line for me, at least no crabby kids in line because they were hungry anyway.  I threw in some chocolate milks that do not require refrigeration for good measure and a few packets of protein that I can add to water if needed.


Sandi before Weight Loss Surgery 
Looking Forward To Enjoying Myself
This Time Around.

We have early dinners planned at Goofy’s Kitchen so we can have dinner with the characters and at the Trattoria in California Adventure so we can get tickets for good viewing of the new Water thing they have going on there after dark that is supposed to make the display at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas look like a kid’s water fountain in comparison.  We’re also going to have a meal at Rain Forest Café because the youngest as well as the oldest (my daughter) have never been there and it is a treat for kids of all ages.  I haven’t told the kids yet but I also have cookies, crackers and their favorite yogurts packed for snacks in the room, along with tea (chamomile for me so I can wind down) and hot chocolate.

The only “meal” I haven’t planned for is lunch, and with all of the snacks and drinks we’ll be carrying they can grab something light along the way while I indulge in jerky and a protein drink.  Every one is happy, we get healthy foods AND we get to enjoy some restaurants, and we save a few dollars for their Christmas and Chanukah presents since we are heading rapidly towards the holiday season. 

Knowing what a soft touch grandma and grandpa are you can bet the kids will score some souvenirs at Disneyland despite all of my planning. What my planning will do is allow me to plan to have good, protein rich food available as each of us need it so I have no excuses for any poor choices I may make other than “Mickey made me do it”.

I’m looking forward to being a big kid who doesn’t need a scooter chair to get around Disneyland like I did 8 years ago.  I plan to go on every ride with my grandkids and chase them around in the pool and on the water slide as well.  This will be a much different trip, thanks to my lap band.

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Brenda Fain October 27, 2010 at 7:38 pm

awesome! SO proud for you and the planning is so insightful, I need to do that next time I am out and on a trip.

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