Lap Band Success – Planning For The Holidays and Winning

by sandi on December 17, 2014

Lap Band Success - Planning For The Holidays and WinningSo Hanukkah started Tuesday evening.  I have a large family dinner on Sunday that will include high calorie appetizers, dinner with traditional potato latkes (pancakes) and sour cream and high calorie sugary desserts and lots of wine.  I am almost 5 weeks post-op and have my lowest previous banded weight within reach for the end of 2014.  How am I going to deal with this big event and not eat too many calories, too many carbs and ruin my day with overindulgence and physical discomfort?

  • Lap Band Success - Planning For The Holidays and WinningMy day will start with a workout.  I am looking at 30 minutes minimum of sweating – that is raising my heart rate to burn calories and keep it going for 30 minutes.
  • I will have breakfast, lunch and my mid-day snack and head over to the dinner well hydrated with a large bottle of water in my hand.
  • I am going to bring some baked sweet potato latkes that I make to share.  The entire recipe is 781 calories and 13 grams of protein and will make at least 10 latkes so I can have one at less than 80 calories.  I will top with some gingered 0% Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
  • I’m checking with my sister in law to see what the main course is.  If it’s brisket or chicken I am ok.  If it is something carby I will just bring some sliced turkey or a hardboiled egg or two to eat.
  • I’ll track what I eat regardless of my choices and decide after dinner if I can have 1 glass of wine as dessert.
  • I’ll spend my time chatting, visiting and enjoying folks I don’t get to spend time with to frequently instead of focusing on food.

Lap Band Success - Planning For The Holidays and WinningThis will get me through Sunday Hanukkah dinner, now on to Christmas Day at my daughter’s house.  We started a “tradition” of bagels and cream cheese and lox and herring for Christmas morning so all we do is grab and there’s no cooking involved.  My husband and I bring over the hot bagels from the bakery and all of the fixings including sliced tomatoes.  Dinner will be ham, chestnut dressing and yams.  Lunch is leftovers from breakfast.

  • I’ll bring lots of water and my favorite teas with me.
  • Lap Band Success - Planning For The Holidays and WinningI will put my bike on the car’s bike rack so I can get some road time in after breakfast and the gift opening.  OK- exercise and hydration handled.  Now on to food!
  • I’ll get some butter lettuce along with the tomatoes and I can have a little cream cheese (1 tablespoon) and 2 oz. of lox in a little lettuce wrap for around 112 calories and 11.4 grams protein.  If I’m still hungry I can have ¼ cup of pickled herring for an additional 92 and 10, or that can be my mid-morning snack.
  • If none of the above agrees with my new surgery I can make some eggs, or even and egg white omelet pretty easily.
  • Lunch will be a repeat of breakfast unless I choose to bring some deli meat turkey with me
  • Lap Band Success - Planning For The Holidays and WinningDinner is easy – I can have 4 oz. of ham, a medium sweet potato and be more than happy for around 300 calories and 27 grams of protein.
  • I will be well hydrated, get my exercise in, have a great family day and stay on program…I may even have the calories available for a glass of wine for dessert.

What’s your plan to WIN for the Holidays?

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