Living My Life Out Loud – Long Term Success After Lap Band Surgery

by sandi on September 20, 2017

Living My Life Out Loud
Living My Life Out Loud
Living My Life Out Loud
Living My Life Out Loud
Living My Life Out Loud ;

As many of you already know I turned 69 years young last week.  I was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate my birthday on the Island of Kauai with my husband of 49+ years.  I wake up 2 hours before him, even in Hawaii on vacation.  He knows this so my birthday card was set surreptitiously on the coffee pot by him during the night.  I awoke to it blocking my access for my first cup of tea.  Right after I got the tea brewing I opened it and read it by smartphone flashlight and the tears started rolling down my cheeks and the smile on my face was huge.  I realized he knew me, really knew me and I was getting to know myself as well through his eyes.  It was an amazing realization.

The birthday card was simple, and in its simplicity it defined me, and him as well.  It said the following:

                It’s your birthday

                Live out loud

                Sing your song

That’s it and it had me laughing and crying and incredibly grateful for being alive.  Since I had my weight loss surgery in 2004 that is exactly what I am doing.  I am living my life out loud, doing things I tried to do before, but couldn’t; doing things I would never have tried before; chasing waterfalls, chasing rainbows just for the JOY of the doing.  I sing my song on line daily to some of you who want to hear me, and others who may be tired of it.  That is just who I am, no apologies, so happy to be able to wake up each day and continue to work on ME for ME and become the best ME I can be whether it’s in the gym, in the kitchen, or outside hiking, biking, swimming, on line, or just taking pleasure from the day in whatever it has to offer.

I share my journey and what I have learned with you all in the hope that you will find a nugget of truth, inspiration, motivation, knowledge from what I share that will enable you to enjoy the life you choose.  I spent my 8 glorious days on Kauai totally comfortable in my own skin whether it was showing in a bathing suit or covered by clothing.  I was free to just LIVE.  I think I got bit several times by the Aloha spirit and will not let it go in my life ever again.  This freedom to be is priceless.

I am sharing a few of my pictures from this vacation with you, my on line Ohana (family) in hopes that the Spirit of Aloha invades you as well.

Till next time I will continue Living Out Loud and Singing My Song!

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