Long Term Lap Band Success – Shopping Can Be Scary

by sandi on March 18, 2015

Shopping Can Be ScaryHere I was, almost 11 years after surgery the first time, 4 months post-op from my new band placement and off to shop for a retro outfit to wear to the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation’s Fifth Annual Meet & Greet next month in San Diego.  I am not a one size fits all body so I knew I had to go in to a shop and try things on.  Through some awesome advice, thank you Jamie Corp, I found the Pinup Girl Boutique store in Burbank, and I conned my husband into driving down there with me, (3 hours round trip), to check it out, and hopefully find something suitable that I liked.

Shopping Can Be ScaryOh my, what an experience!  We got there without much in the way of traffic delays (highly unusual for LA) so I thought maybe the stars were aligned in my favor.  LOL.  As I walked from the side street parking this beautiful March afternoon I saw a breathtaking tree in full bloom with nothing but blue sky above it.  Another sign from the Universe perhaps?

Then low and behold, there is the store, right in front of me…Dare I?  Uh, I better since I drove 90 minutes to get here.  Walking inside was a feast of colors, patterns and fabrics.  I started looking and kept pulling things off of racks to try on and a fitting room was started for me.  Take a look at all the possibilities.  Aren’t they all amazing?

Here are a couple of me in two of the dresses I didn’t get.  I let my husband choose the one he liked best.  No, he didn’t have the patience to come into the shop, so I was texting him pictures as he shopped down the road at Fry’s Electronics, and then waited in the car for me listening to his talk radio shows, and napping.

Shopping Can Be Scary Shopping Can Be Scary Shopping Can Be Scary


If you’re interested in which one I did choose you’ll just have to come to San Diego April 10-12, and check it out at the Fabulous Forties Night!

Shopping Can Be Scary

Shopping is getting to be more fun every time I go, whether it’s to a new store or in my very own closet.  

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