Lap Band surgery – My First Thanksgiving.

by sandi on April 14, 2010

Wow, this is the first big holiday dinner at my house since being banded.  I have 15 coming for dinner and am making all of my traditional dishes.  I refuse to “lighten” the holidays for everyone around me…not fair……I will eat using a small dessert plate and allow myself a taste of everything and see how that goes…ok, I’ll skip the salad, have a slice of turkey thigh (no skin), a tablespoon of cranberry sauce, a tablespoon of chestnut stuffing, a tablespoon of pecan/sweet potato casserole, a tablespoon of green beans and a tablespoon of ambrosia.  I chased this all with a glass of red wine and was as stuffed as the turkey…I think the high fiber content of the chestnut stuffing helped tremendously with that.  I did have a sliver of pecan pie with a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream, and when everyone left, so did all of the high calorie food.  If someone didn’t take it with them it went into the trash.  Too bad for my husband, no leftovers except turkey.

The Transformation Continues.

By the next day I was back to my regular schedule of eating.  I did crave sweets on Friday, probably because of the amount of carbs I consumedon Thursday.  Since I had previously taken them out of my diet my body had not been craving them.  Guess I need to do an all protein day to convince my body chemistry that it does not need the carbs.  Hope I didn’t upset my weight loss too badly.

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