Portion Control Matters After Lap Band Surgery – How I Determine What Goes On My Plate

by sandi on May 6, 2015

Portion Control Matters After Lap Band Surgery
Portion Control Matters After Lap Band Surgery
Portion Control Matters After Lap Band Surgery
Portion Control Matters After Lap Band Surgery

Twice a month as WLS SUCCESS MATTERS we offer FREE telephone support group calls.  This past Saturday we chatted about portion control.  It is one of the basic rules of success after weight loss surgery.  For those of us who do count calories, how we figure those calories is important.  Ponder this, if you do not weigh and measure your food, but merely use visual estimates, and then plug your numbers into an app like My Fitness Pal to “track” your day, how do you know what you are really getting in terms of nutrition?  I guess it’s better than doing nothing, but when I actually weigh and measure everything that goes into my mouth, I always am able to quickly get the scale to move.  How about you?

I made breakfast a total portion control science experiment.  Here’s what I used-

1 whole egg and 3 egg whites – it measured 3/4 cup and 5.8 oz; 1 oz of TJ’s lite shredded Mexican cheese at 1/4 cup; and 3/4 cup of my previously measured out Fiesta turkey (a Banded Living Friendly Recipe available at Banded Living)  at 5.4 oz. 

Stats for omelet for 2 were 360/43.4 and 11.8 oz.  I knew I wouldn’t eat 1/2 so I tried for my portion to be smaller- it was.

My portion weighed at 5.1 oz and my stats were 156/18.8.  I stopped when satisfied and left.  9 oz on my plate.  What I count is my entire portion because I hate algebra, and didn’t want to have to run the equation again.  LOL.

Delicious breakfast, science experiment complete. 

Although in previous iterations I would have just split the omelet, I wanted no reason to eat quite that much.  Portion Control matters (I saved 24 calories by eating less than half and in my book, when I want to be losing weight I’ll take whatever calorie savings I can muster. 



Do you know what goes on your plate?

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