Thankful for a Second Chance

by sandi on November 26, 2014

Thankful for a Second ChanceAs most of you know on 10/1/14 my 10 year old band was removed and I lived 6 weeks without my band.  On 11/17/14 I had a new Lap Band placed and am now on my second journey as a newbie after weight loss surgery.

So what’s different this time?  So many things.  Have a look:


  • 2004 – choice of protein drinks both pre-made and powders extremely limited and none were more than satisfactory
  • 2014 – Lists of pages and pages of actually good tasting protein drinks and GREAT protein powders for making my own smoothies
  • 2004- Had to wait forever and it was really difficult to get up and walk so I had a lot of gas pain in my shoulder
  • 2014 -I brought easy fit, comfy and stylish PJs to the hospital and began my walking as soon as I got to my room and kept it up throughout the night.  Gas pain was minimal
  • 2004 – Totally at the mercy of the liquids the hospital was providing…didn’t like any of it
  • 2014 – Brought my own stash of tea and had my husband bring my favorite SF black cherry Jell-O so I could sip and taste and stay hydrated
  • 2004 – once I got home I could not walk up the stairs nor could I sleep in a bed so I spent the first week sleeping in my recliner downstairs
  • 2014 – walked upstairs with ease, able to sleep on my side in bed with no problems
  • 2004- could not bend over without severe pain
  • 2014- went out for the newspaper on the sidewalk first morning home with no problems
  • 2004- took pain meds for 5-7 days
  • 2014- took pain meds for 3 days, only to sleep on the second two days
  • 2004 – That first poop was a problem
  • 2014- still a problem
  • 2004- liquids were water, protein drinks herbal tea, chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup with the mushrooms picked out
  • 2014- liquids are water, herbal tea, decaf coffee, protein smoothies, any soup I choose thrown in my blender and liquefied first
  • 2004 – By day 7 was ready to chew the pain off the walls; severely mourning food and chewing
  • 2014 – At day 7 quite secure in my ability to make it through day 10 on liquids only
  • 2004- terrified and uncertain but hopeful
  • 2014- secure in my knowledge, careful, structured and very hopeful

I am going to continue this comparison for a while as my journey progresses since I think it may be helpful to some, and it is helpful for me to see and acknowledge the differences in my physical, mental and emotional state.  I am sure that my fitness has lots to do with my comparatively easy recovery.  I still tire quite easily and have accommodated my schedule around that fact, having plenty of time allocated for short walks and rest periods.  I desperately miss the gym but have committed to staying away until 12/1 when I will try the elliptical again for no more than 15 minutes.

As a new post-op I am taking it one day at a time, paying attention to my body and I have already had a “done” signal in the form of a runny nose and 3 sneezes when sipping soup.  I stopped.  It was enough.

Thankful for a Second Chance

As you read this I will be starting soft foods for the first time.  That should be interesting.  Tell you about that next week for sure.


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