Water, Water, Everywhere – Time To Drink Some For Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery

by sandi on October 4, 2017

Time To Drink As I continue this amazing journey to health and wellbeing that I began in 2004 I find that when I forget who I am, a weight loss surgery patient, some of the success habits can get left out of my days.  Funny thing about The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients, they are pretty much the success habits for healthy living, weight loss surgery, or not.

It’s 4PM, I just had a protein snack about 30 minutes ago and I am feeling hungry.  Hmmm, this doesn’t make sense to me.  Why am I hungry?  So I review what I have had for food today and find that I am right on track for a good day food wise – 333 calories and 39 grams of protein so far.  Wait a second, that’s kind of low, but I’m not sure I’m actually still hungry.

Time To Drink So what’s next?  I check my water.  My goal is to drink at least 80 ounces of water today.  So far I have had 56 ounces.  Hmmmm, maybe I’m thirsty?  Out comes my bottle and I am sipping on it as I type this.  It feels almost right, but not quite there.  Why do I drink so much water you ask?  The docs tell us to drink 64 ounces so one more glass would get me there, right?  Yes, 1 more glass would get me to 64 ounces but my body craves more.  Here are the benefits of drinking more water for me, you decide for yourself:

  • Less hunger – this is a big one.  When I think I am hungry I can grab a bottle of water, sip away and then check in with myself in 15 minutes to see if I’m still hungry – many times I am not;
  • Time To Drink More regular – high protein can exacerbate constipation issues; water is one major cure;
  • I do not get super sore after pushing hard at lifting weights and doing other exercises with my trainer – no more of those same day “I can’t moves”.  Water moves toxins out of the body and when I am properly hydrated I get little pain with ample muscle gain;
  • Water keeps me happy without headaches, fatigue and lack of focus… even just a little bit of dehydration can have these symptoms, so try drinking some water before you reach for the Tylenol;
  • Water helps my kidneys function properly so my liver can burn any stored fat.  My kidneys can’t work properly without sufficient water and that then loads the liver with the job of filtering the waste out of my body (and yours).  When that is happening the liver can not do it’s job of metabolizing stored fat and turning it to useable energy, hence less weight loss and possibly more fat cells in my body;
  • Water can positively effect my mood, since not enough can put me in a bad mood (makes sense- things are not working at any sort of optimum level when my body is needing water so why not give it what it needs;
  • Water improves my skin – I’m 69 I need all the help I can get

These are just some of the ways that water benefits my body.  Guess what?  It benefits your body the same ways.

Time To Drink Now that I have finished writing this, and prepping dinner and checking Facebook I have finished another 33.8 ounces and my water consumption is now at 89.8 ounces for the day.  Am I still hungry?  Yes, but dinner is not for more than 2 hours so I am going to have a hard boiled egg with some salsa for a snack.

Just keep sipping folks.  Water is life.

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