What is Banded Living?

Banded Living is about living life to the fullest, free from the burdens of obesity.  Banded Living is a community started by lap band patients for lap band patients, including:

  1. People exploring lap band surgery
  2. Those who have had surgery and want to use their tool to get the best results

The Banded Living community is your community whether you have a LAP-BAND® or a REALIZE® band, since all of us have similar experiences and challenges.  However, our journeys are different than the experiences of those who have had other types of weight loss surgery.

Banded Living was started by two lap band patients, Gloria Samuels and Sandi Henderson, who are maintaining a combined weight loss of 340 pounds.  Together they have over nine years of experience as patients and as mentors to others with gastric bands.  Both are maintaining normal, healthy weights.  Gloria and Sandi are passionate about giving back and helping others conquer obesity.  We in Banded Living are not doctors and don’t give medical advice; we encourage you to work closely with your doctor just as we have with ours.

We aim to:

  1. Educate, advocate for, and support people with lap bands
  2. Help people struggling with obesity to learn about lap band surgery and make an informed decision

As patients, and through mentoring others, we’ve learned that you may have different needs, questions, and challenges depending upon where you are in your own journey.  In order to make it easier to get the information and support you need, when you need it, we have organized the Banded Living community into five stages:

  1. Exploring
    You are researching lap band surgery and working to answer the question “Is banding for me?” lap band surgery is not a “magic bullet” and it’s not for everyone.  The goal of the exploring phase is to make an informed decision “with your eyes wide open.”
  2. Preparing
    You’ve decided on a band and you are working with your surgeon and his or her staff to get ready for surgery.
  3. Recovering
    You’ve just had surgery.  This stage generally lasts about four to six weeks.  The recovery phase is not about weight loss; it is about healing.
  4. Transforming
    You are learning how to use the tool to reach your goals.  This is your weight loss stage.
  5. Maintaining
    You’ve achieved your goals in terms of weight, health and quality of life.  The final stage of Banded Living is living life to the fullest for the rest of your life.  By this point you’ve mastered your tool and are maintaining your success.  Now staying on track can be made even easier by being connected with a strong and well-informed community of people who share your personal experience and can provide you with the support you need.

Banded Living is not affiliated with the manufacturers of gastric banding devices or any surgical practices.  We will accept advertising in order to fund the costs of staying in business.

The Legal Stuff (our lawyers made us do it …)
Our articles are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice.
They are not a replacement for medical care or advice given by physicians or trained medical personnel.
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